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In Car phone kit, holds the phone in a secure holder, charges the phone battery and uses the cars power supply when using the phone to make and receive calls.

Car kits offers the user hand free operation of the phone equipment allowing the user to make and receive calls while driving and still having both hands free to drive the car, car kits are hard wired in to the cars system and the holder is fixed to the dashboard. The law will be changing soon in line with other EU countries, It will soon be illegal to use your phone in your car without a hands free car kit.

We offer two additional products to go with hands free car kits

  • Dash mount bracket, holds the phone holder securely and leaves no holes in the dashboard when the kit is removed
  • Car radio mute kit, this equipment performs two tasks the first is to interface the car kit with the cars wiring allowing power and earth to be used without cutting any wires thus avoiding any warrenty claims, and secondly mutes the radio when you receive or make a call, in addition to muting the radio the mute unit also put the voice of the caller through the cars speakers making it much clearer. 

Nokia Car Kit 
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Nokia Car kits

Nokia Hands Free Car Kit allows hands free opperation of your mobile phone

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Plug and Go Anywhere 
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Plug and Go Anywhere Hands Free System

The Plug and Go Anywhere is self power hands free system for use anywhere, it combines superb audio quality with easy mountine and use. Comes with power cord for charging  and ear piece with in-line mic

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